This Christmas, Give the Gift of Hope to Rwanda

Listen to Dale’s Message – CEO of Bridge2Rwanda.


Make a difference this Christmas season by donating a gift to help the Bridge2Rwanda team…

  • Mobilize and support our growing team of American volunteers who are moving to Rwanda to teach and lend their talents to help Rwandans learn to do it for themselves.
  • Renovate the former military base given to Bishop John by the Rwanda government into a permanent Muhabura University campus in Musanze, where we can create a boarding school environment and begin teaching at least 250 students at a time.

I’ve been to Rwanda and witnessed the hearts desires to become the world’s shining light of hope, forgiveness and prosperity in years to come.  Your life will be blessed by sharing your generosity with tomorrow’s servant leaders of Rwanda and God’s examples for the world.

God Bless you all!